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CT stands for Computed Tomography. It is a computerised X-ray system used to produce images of various parts of the body.

In a conventional x-ray, structures are superimposed on top of one another, making it difficult to get a clear picture. CT scan takes a picture of the body in a single cross-section, giving an unobstructed view of every organ, bone and soft-tissue. CT uses pencil-point x-ray beams from a rotating doughnut surrounding the patient's body. Detectors pick up the signals which vary in strength after they pass through human tissue. The detectors then send this information to a computer, which creates a picture of a single slice of the human body.

At Indo Gulf Hospital & Diagnostics we have a 16 Slice/Sec. Wipro GE- USA CT scanner which enables us to complete virtually any scan in one breath-hold. We are able to do a scan using the LOWEST POSSIBLE DOSE required.