Our Department at Indo Gulf provides rationale evaluation and treatment for children of all ages. Aimed at promoting optimal wellness from birth to mid-adolescence, top leading and of national repute Paediatricians and well trained nursing staff share a sense of duty and enthusiasm towards our goal to keep our children healthy and happy within a caring and friendly atmosphere.

Paediatrics department at Indo Gulf provides good care and management to the child with developmental disorders.The department is equipped with best of equipments required to treat Pre term babies.

The NICU at "Indo Gulf Hospital", is one of the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art units in the whole of the region. It provides unique and sophisticated services in the region, such as High end Ventilators through a highly trained staff.

The department deals with children from the newborn period right up to adolescence. The child patients with their distinctive needs are catered easily and pediatricians are always available at hand for emergencies. The floor is manned by nurses who are specially trained to look after children.