Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery helps to mould any disfigured part of the body. Any physical disfigurement, whether from birth or acquired later, leaves behind a mental and emotional scar too. Till a few years back, this curse of ugliness was considered an unavoidable life-long stigma. But in today's modern era, unattractiveness cannot be accepted as a curse and aged look is no longer considered as a sign of wisdom.

The term 'plastic' or 'cosmetic surgery' actually covers a variety of surgical and chemical procedures which alter the body's outward appearance. Procedures are used to shape certain body parts such as the breast or nose, soften skin tone to reduce or eliminate wrinkles, and to correct problems resulting from accident or disease.

We customize all treatments to individual skin and facial requirements, combining different therapies to give a final beautiful touch up.


  • Hair Transplant for Baldness
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Firming and Lift
  • Breast Augmentation & Reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Tummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty)
  • Male Breast Reduction
  • Face lift - Rhytidectomy (procedure used to reduce facial wrinkles, eliminate telltale signs of aging, and improve the overall appearance of the face and jaw area.)
  • Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
  • Face revision (Removes excess fat, muscle and skin from upper and lower eyelids giving them a more awake and youthful look)
  • Brow lift
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Chin Enlargement
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Dermabrassion,
  • Chemical peel
  • Laser surgery
  • Wrinkle removal (Botox & Fillers are one of the most popular temporary wrinkle removal techniques)
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Treatment of Varicose Veins
  • Buttock reshaping
  • Sex Change